Henri Serruys

Henri Serruys

Chess Ex-libris Catalogue 2004

It is thanks to our Antwerp ex-libris expert that the two previous publications by Karel Falleyn (1992 and 1996) on this subject have been combined, but also 165 new ex-libris have been added. In total 1350 different ex-libris with chess motifs are represented! Lists sorted by catalogue number, by owner and by artist, have been revised and fully integrated.

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For his latest work (co-authored by Guy Van Habberney) see this entry.


Henri Serruys, Guy Van Habberney

Belgian chess publications: an annotated bibliography

This teamwork of cash auditor and chairman is definitely a "raisin in the cake" of chess biblio-graphies, as the meticulous compilation of the complete Belgian chess literature mates here with an exquisite color printing whose impact is unveiled above all by the numerous pictures. Many information boxes (highlighted in color) on relevant authors, photographs of chess personalities, a correlation table (as to L/N and Cleveland) and an index of names complete a work which belongs to the required stock of each bibliographically interested chess friend.

Antwerp, 2011
157 pp, 24 x 16 cm
Softcover edition: 200 copies
Hardback edition: 50 copies

Here the entry on Henri Serruys featuring his earlier publication.

(R.B., III 2012)

Hardback edition
Dust jacket verso (or soft-cover resp.)

Henri Serruys

Van Spel tot Duel

Het schaken in het jonge België

Henri Serruys -  Van Spel tot Duel. Het schaken in het jonge België - frontcover
Henri Serruys - Van Spel tot Duel. Het schaken in het jonge België - frontcover