Persons celebrating an Anniversary in April 2009

This year’s April we can only take into account two members. On 22nd April the time had come for Toni Preziuso to look back on half a century. It was 3 years ago (April 2006) that we presented our Swiss member for the first time, he has several times participated in our events and meetings since then, correspondingly often you can spot him in our pictorial reports (on Berlin/Kórnik 2006, Kórnik 2007, Dresden and Wrocław 2008). He has also remained devoted to his correspondence chess column in the Schweizerische Schachzeitung, by the way the SSZ (as from 2000) is also online available as pdf files, see Moreover we can assure the future buyers and readers of our great Lasker biography that they will come across a very interesting chapter from Toni’s pen dealing with the chess columns of Emanuel Lasker.

Precisely one week later, on April 29th our German member Karlheinz Eisenbeiser celebrated his 57th birthday, as a new KWA member he is presented here for the first time. He lives in the nice town of Buchen (Odenwald; German low mountain range), in his working life he is a schoolteacher (of German and history) at the local Burghardt-Gymnasium. In 1980, after a simultaneous exhibition he disseminated there the chess bacillus and brought a school chess study group into being, three years later a chess club was constituted from it. As of 1997 Karlheinz Eisenbeiser has been the chairman of this chess club BG Buchen 1980 e.V., currently playing in the Baden chess top league. [The club history can be read on its homepage.] But our chess teacher has also been active for many years as a collector of chess books, motifs and souvenirs – this passion has certainly influenced his decision to join the KWA. So we are not surprised that the offspring of the own family couldn’t resist to engage in chess, his son Amadeus Eisenbeiser is an International Master already.


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!