Persons celebrating an Anniversary in August 2005

In late summer-like August we are able to present to you five birthdays, we will start with Ole Kristian Førrisdahl from the Norwegian town of Sarpsborg, he turned 39 on August 3rd. Apart from his activities as a collector he also devotes himself to OTB play as is verified by an unambiguous photo at a Norwegian website (O. K. Førrisdahl vs. Arne R. Jensen); and as far as I was able to discover, he is additionally committed as "Styremedlem" (member of the board) in his local Sarpsborg Sjakklubb.

Our member Jean Mennerat could look back on whole 88 years on August 11th. On the occasion of his special day we have prepared a birthday page, for this please open the next page.

Our chess friend and collector Tom de Gijsel comes from Holland’s metropolis of Amsterdam, he celebrated his 35th birthday on August 14th. We have heard nothing new about him or by him last year, so we have to leave it at this brief mention.

Geurt Gijssen (right) and Jurgen Stigter looking through chess literature
Geurt Gijssen (right) and Jurgen Stigter looking through chess literature

Further greetings go to Nijmegen where Geurt Gijssen celebrated his 71st birthday only one day later (August 15th). The renowned arbiter is still very active and often away, his monthly column "An Arbiter’s Notebook" is running in continuous succession since April 1998 in the ChessCafe without losing some of its popularity. Likewise unbroken seems to be his collector’s enthusiasm, so we got to see him this year in a Brunswick auction house on the occasion of an auction of chess books. Those who wish to read more about him should look up our last year’s more detailed appreciation (and the reference mentioned there).

This time chess friend Per Skjoldager is at the end of our birthday list, he turned 47 on August 22nd. Coming from the Danish town of Fredericia, we will welcome him this year at our general meeting in Amsterdam. We can conclude from his website on Aron Nimzowitsch that he is an expert in this "hypermodern" chess pioneer, our second Nimzowitsch expert of the KWA, Rudolf Reinhardt will surely be pleased about the interests they have in common.


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!