Persons celebrating an Anniversary in June 2004

Our first birthday greetings go to Warsaw where chess friend Tomasz Lissowski celebrated his 51st birthday on 1st June. He is our country representative of Poland and he has made a name for himself as a chess historian and writer: so he is the main author of the biographies of Kieseritzky (“The Enigma of Kieseritzky”; Warsaw 1996) and Zukertort (“Grandmaster from Lublin”; Warsaw 2002), both written in Polish; and together with M. Litmanowicz he has published an additional work on the Polish writer and chess player K. Irzykowski (1873-1944): “Karol Irzykowski. Pen and Chess”. We may also mention a smaller work on David Daniuszewski together with Viktor Tscharuzin [„Daniuszewski – A “Nieznany” (early?) rival of Alekhine“, Warsaw 1999].
As is well known, the Zukertort biography will soon be available in German, we would like that at least the “Kieseritzky” will share this pleasing fate one day.
Furthermore some works by Tomasz appeared in Tony Gillam’s publishing house “The Chess Player”: Dawid Przepiorka - His Life and Work (1999); Szymon Winawer (2000); and Four Polish Championships: Warsaw 1926, Lodz 1927, Warsaw 1935, Jurata 1937 (2003).
At the moment the always helpful and polite Tomasz is preparing a major work on Miguel (Mosche) Najdorf – we are waiting very expectantly. (R.B./M.N.)

Our member of the board and counsel Roger Klittich celebrated his 68th birthday only 2 days later – he is the manager of the well-known Brunswick second-hand bookshop and auction house A. Klittich-Pfankuch. The auctions of chess literature being held there regularly for good 10 years now are not only unique in Germany with regard to the top-class offers and the considerable extent but are also characterized by an especially hospitable atmosphere, thus they developed over the years to popular meetings of chess enthusiasts.
The Ken Whyld Association is very indebted to Roger Klittich: without his initiative the foundation meeting in November 2003 never could have got such a worthy setting with the visit of the Duke August Library at Wolfenbüttel. We know that Mr. Klittich not only involves himself heavily in the interests of chess collectors but also in local politics with regard to matters of the Brunswick citizens – we wish him good luck with it too and the success the good cause deserves. (R.B./M.N.)

Josep Alió, our country representative of Spain, looked back on 43 years on June 10. Josep is a strong chess player who could place himself well in his hometown Tarragona and also in nationwide competitions in former years. Being strained by his job, in the meantime his activities shifted more to the collecting of chess literature and the occupation with chess history, naturally with a liking for publications in his mother tongue. Above all we are pleased to have received his own chess historical work (written in Catalan; see Publications).
Recently he has also drawn our attention to an historically important new publication, you may find details about it in our member’s area p. 4 (Announcements / New literature). (R.B./M.N.)

Further birthday greetings go to our French member Alain Fayard, he completed his 45th year on June 20 in his adopted place of residence, Rome. Above all he is known to us as the owner of a significant collection on chess books.

Congratulations to all!