Persons celebrating an Anniversary in April 2005

We start our short April series with one of our two cash auditors: Wim Lamme from the Dutch town of Amersfoort celebrated his 61st birthday on April, 3rd. On the occasion of the first cash audit on September 4th, 2004 in Amsterdam we could personally welcome him in a close circle, the photo below dates from this meeting.

Wim Lamme, Jurgen Stigter and Bert Corneth
Wim Lamme, Jurgen Stigter and Bert Corneth

Our Berlin member Hubert Petermann was next a few days later, he turned 46 on April, 7th. Showing an interest in chess history (and not being bibliophilic) he was one of the early members of the Lasker Society and distinguished himself as their webmaster – finally he found his way to the KWA in the middle of last year. Quite a lot of members already met him shortly afterwards at the Forchheim general meeting.

Our final greetings go to Lower Austria, in the municipality of Leobendorf (north of Vienna) Karl Kadletz looked back on 62 years on April, 10th. His interest lies in history as well as in bibliography – he already devotes himself professionally to the latter as is shown by his work on a bibliography on the history of the Vienna university which will be published this year (short version as book, afterwards completely as database).

Congratulations to all!

PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!