"Lasker Evening" at Wolfenbüttel

Presentation of the Lasker Monograph at the Duke August Library

A considerable number of authors, members and visitors gathered on Friday evening, 20 November, in the Duke August Library to witness the presentation of the new Lasker monograph and naturally to get a numbered + signed copy of this exceptional work.

15 authors were present (Wolfgang Angerstein, Tony Gillam, Peter de Jong, Viktor Kortschnoi, Tomasz Lissowski, Egbert Meissenburg, Susanna Poldauf, Toni Preziuso, Joachim Rosenthal, Raj Tischbierek, Robert van de Velde und Hans-Christian Wohlfarth) - the three editors (Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen, Michael Negele) included - as well as Ulrich Dirr and the ELG board with Paul Werner Wagner, Thomas Weischede and Thomas Thomsen.

Quite a lot of KWA members joined them: the four Danes Claes Løfgren, Per Skjoldager, Knud Lysdal and Jørn Erik Nielsen; Calle Erlandsson and Gunnar Finnlaugsson from Sweden; the Belgians Guy Van Habberney and Henri Serruys as well as Jurgen Stigter from the Netherlands; from Germany Günter Büsing, Bernd Ellinghoven, Matias Jolowicz, Hans-Jürgen Fresen, Matthias Limberg, Andreas Saremba, Bernd Schneider and Bernd Segebarth. (At the chess book auction on Saturday also Godehard Murkisch, Wolfgang Pähtz and Bernd Schippan were spotted.)

Part of the supporting programme was a prior guided tour of the library (for registered participants) as well as an online game against the strongest German female player, WGM Elisabeth Pähtz, partly played parallel to the book-signing of the authors and editors.

In the following a selection of photos is offered on this completely successful event, just as on the subsequent official dinner in the restaurant Ratskeller where many comrades took part.

There are further pictures in our small Gallery (with 9 photos)!

Link to the pictorial report at ChessBase: Vorstellung der Lasker-Monographie (in German only)

PS (26/12/2009): Tomasz Lissowski has published his own report (in Polish) on the weekend in Brunswick.

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