First impressions of Venice

First Impressions of our Regional Meeting in Venice, May 2008

13 KWA members and 6 accompanying persons had come to our Venice meeting, we will present them on the following pictures. Furthermore two guests took the opportunity to attend this event: Francesco Gibellato, an Italian Lasker expert, as well as Paolo Cambrai from the Aboca Museum in Sansepolcro (AR).

Group photo of the KWA members
Group photo of the KWA members (better visible on the enlarged picture below). From left: Luca D'Ambrosio, Antonio Rosino, Alessandro Sanvito. Toni Preziuso, Romano Bellucci, Jurgen Stigter, Hans Ellinger, Carlo Alberto Pagni, Peter Holmgren, Calle Erland

A detailed photo report on this meeting will soon be published at our pages. Rieneke van Zutphen has already put her photos online, here is the link to her picture gallery.

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