Brochure to the exhibition "Schach. Spiel - Sport - Wissenschaft - Kunst" appeared

Schach. Spiel / Sport / Wissenschaft / Kunst - frontcover
Schach. Spiel / Sport / Wissenschaft / Kunst - frontcover

Dear Colleagues,

the chess exhibition in the Thüringischen University and State Library has now been closed. But for all those who did not have the opportunity to go to Jena, a real “consolation” has just appeared, the brochure with the title

Spiel / Sport / Wissenschaft / Kunst. Aus den Beständen der ThULB.

Game / Sport / Science / Art. From the ThULB holdings.)

76 p. With numerous colored illustrations. The brochure costs 4.25 EUR / pc. The delivery will be on account (plus shipping and packaging costs). Please send your orders directly to Ms. Heike Rothenburg:

The following three photos are intended to give a first impression of the new release. Pages 42-43 are from the VI. Section: Schachmeister (Chess masters).

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