Since the recent launch of our new website our webmaster Wilfried Krebbers, together with especially Michael Negele, but also with other members of the Board, has done a lot of work to get the website going. But now the point of no return has arrived: the growing number of news entries and other informative contributions makes it necessary to create the function of web editor.

The task of the web editor will consist mainly of:

A good two and a half years ago, our member Alan McGowan announced in a query a book about the German chess master Kurt Richter (A query by Alan McGowan). He has now completed this book and has been published by the publisher McFarland. His 368-page biography contains 499 games and 93 photos.

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Publications of our Members: McGowan, Alan

[Update 2018-11-15] The author, Alan McGowan, sent us the following words about his work:

This is the first work in English devoted to the life and games of a significant figure in German chess.

Kurt Richter (1900-1969) won the Berlin championship many times, was German champion in 1935, and represented his country in the Olympiads at Hamburg 1930, Prague 1931 and Munich 1936. He was awarded the International Master title in 1950.

Invitation for our chess friends after the auction viewing on Friday 23rd November 2018, Theaterwall 17 in Braunschweig.

Mrs. A. Klittich-Pfankuch and Karl Klittich are pleased to welcome IM Bernd Schneider for a special event: from 4:15 pm to 6:30 pm. There will be 3 rounds of a special handicap simultaneous over 25 minutes on 4 boards. Afterwards at 7:15 pm there is the chance of a get together with dinner at the restaurant Genusstresor, Bankplatz 8, in Braunschweig.

For more information please contact: .

We received the following announcement of Rupert Powell of Forum Auctions that could be of interest for some of our members:

I wonder if I might draw your attention to a copy of a rare 17th century book on Chess which will be coming up for sale in our auction of Fine Books and Works on Paper on Thursday 29th November. It is a 1673 (sixth) edition of the first published work on chess in English and written by an Englishman, Saul Arthur’s The Famous Game of Chesse-Play, 1673.

Here is a link to the full description and an image:

There are two events that we want to point out to our members.

As already reported (Meeting of the German Section of CCI), the meeting of the CCI, German section, will be held in Seiffen (Ore Mountains) from 25 to 28 October. Et al Michael Negele will introduce the Lasker book once more.

On the 22nd and 24th of November, the 75th auction of the auction house Klittich-Pfankuch will take place. A list of the auction objects can be found on the website.

Two of the proud editors could sign a bunch of copies for our friend Bernd Schneider
Two of the proud editors could sign a bunch of copies for our friend Bernd Schneider

The Bayer chessclub in Leverkusen had taken up the initiative of the German Chess Federation to celebrate a Lasker Day of Chess in autumn 2018. By chance it was also an unexpected opportunity to present Emanuel Lasker Volume I hot off the press (Article at Chess Notes)

Bernd Schneider and Tomasz Lissowski in the Museum Garden
Bernd Schneider and Tomasz Lissowski in the Museum Garden

by Michael Negele

Interesting enough, I never had the opportunity to visit Emanuel Lasker´s birthplace in Barlinek (in Lasker´s time: Berlinchen in der Neumark),
a small town in Myślibórz County, in West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in northwestern Poland.

So I was most pleased, when the German Chess Federation asked me to be one of the representatives of the DSB at the Lasker Memorial rapid tournament.

And when my friend, IM Bernd Schneider, agreed to join me on that trip, and Tomasz Lissowski also promoted my idea to talk about Lasker during the break.

Prof. em. Hans-Jürgen Hochgräfe - officially the DSB-representative for German-Polish chess relations - from Rostock was most helpful to get my stay organised.

In the members area, on the page E-mail addresses, there is a list of all members with the associated e-mail address. In addition, nine more member lists, sorted by regions, are now available. These are inserted below the general list. This gives you a quicker overview of the members in each region.

Thomas Thomsen
Thomas Thomsen

Dear Friends and Members of CCI Germany,

Our meeting 2018 will be in the beautiful town of Seiffen (Ore Montains), the region of carvers and turners of nice chess pieces.

It will take place from 25. – 28. October 2018 - please check the announcement for details. (Sorry, only available in German language).

We anticipate a high attendance for this meeting, even if that region is a little bit out of the way. However we hope any connaisseur of chess culture will be attracted to the nicely compiled program.

Early bookings (till 18 September) are therefore advised, to take advantage of the special discounted room rates in the Schlosshotel Purschenstein.

Members of the Chess History & Literature Society, which is dedicated to the collection of chess books, are again cordially invited.

Yours Sincerely

Thomas Thomsen

More information:

Prè Lorenzo Busnardo; La vita di un avventuriero campione di scacchi nel Rinascimento - front cover
Prè Lorenzo Busnardo; La vita di un avventuriero campione di scacchi nel Rinascimento - front cover

In the News department we announced on 2016-11-08 (Busnardo Biography) the publication of a book on the Italian priest, chess master and adventurer from the Renaissance, Prè Lorenzo Busnardo, from the hand of our member Stefano Zulian. Its title was Prè Lorenzo Busnardo; La vita di un avventuriero campione di scacchi del Rinascimento (120 pages). On 15-02-2017 followed an addendum, which said that a revised version (January 2017) of the synoptical tables, referred to in the book, was available. Finally Stefano Zulian promised : “The author intends to publish a 2nd edition in due time.”.

Well, he kept his word, because recently the second and much enlarged edition of his book has been published under title: Prè Lorenzo Busnardo; La vita di un avventuriero campione di scacchi nel Rinascimento. Progetto “Prè Lorenzo Busnardo”. Ricerca e testo di Stefano Zulian. [2nd and much enlarged edition]. Editrice Artistica Bassanese: Bassano del Grappa 2018; 248 pages, 32cm x 23cm; price € 25,00 plus shipping costs. To avoid bibliographical confusion we draw attention on the difference between the title on the title page, which has (or became ?) “nel” and the title on the cover which has “del”, just as the cover of the first edition. The book can be ordered from Stefano Zulian, email address: .