We are pleased to welcome into our midst a new member from Great Britain, for Jimmy Adams (Hoddesdon) recently decided to strengthen the Ken Whyld Association.

By this contribution we would like to recall that four years ago (2002-11-30) a first meeting of the "Amsterdam Group" took place, the signal for a venture which should develop something later to the Ken Whyld Association. So we welcome the opportunity of presenting here three of our Dutch members who could recently draw special attention to themselves – naturally for different reasons.

Miriam Friedman Morris has made the following request to the KWA:

Our US member Yakov Zusmanovich - we already know him from our birthday column - is extremely happy to become a father for the second time at the age of 46, on October 5 his daughter Erin first saw the light of day. Yakov already has a twenty-year-old son from the same marriage to his wife, accordingly a remarkable gap of 2 decades between these two happy events. He doesn't think it is impossible to make his daughter the next Judith Polgar!