On Friday 22nd June the viewing for the 74th chess - auction will take place from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in Brunswick, Theaterwall 17. All chessfriends are invited to have some snacks and refreshments after the official end of the viewing.

At 5:30 pm a special performance of IM & WGM Elisabeth Pähtz (https://www.elisabeth-paehtz.de) will start. Mrs. Pähtz will play a consultation game against a certain number of "CH&LS members". The time limit will be 75 minutes for each party involved.

Surely, our members will demonstrate the same legendary enthusiasm in playing chess as in collecting chess books and euphemera. IM Bernd Schneider will be the referee, Michael Negele will act as the announcer. After the game a short "press conference" will be organized.


Our chairman has sent the members of the Council of Representatives a letter in which he has informed them about the launching of the new website and has proposed to simplify the communication between the Board and the Council, now that the Agendas and the Reports of the meetings of the Board are published: Members will find the letter 'Dear Members of the Council of Representatives' on the site News for members (You must be logged in to read).

Michael Wiltshire, Franzensbad 2017
Michael Wiltshire, Franzensbad 2017

Dear Friends and Members of CCI

Our next international meeting will be in the beautiful central European city of Prague, the birth place of world champion Wilhelm Steinitz in May 1836. There is much history to be seen as Prague Castle dates from the end of the 9th century and the city flourished during the 14th-century reign (1346-1378) of Charles lV, Holy Roman Emperor and the king of Bohemia of the new Luxembourg dynasty. As King, Charles transformed Prague into an imperial capital and at that time it was the thirdlargest city in Europe after Rome and Constantinople.

We anticipate a high attendance for this meeting as many members and friends have already indicated their wish to participate. Early bookings are therefore advised, to take advantage of the special discounted room rates. Members of the Chess History & Literature Society, which is dedicated to the collection of chess books, are again cordially invited.

Yours Sincerely

Michael Wiltshire

View from Stephen Street 10 to Table Mountain
View from Stephen Street 10 to Table Mountain

by Michael Negele

Dear Fellow-Members,

some of you may remember my reports on certain visits to chess places or to some of our members during the years 2003 to 2013. These travels were mostly related to business trips. So after some changes in my job position my "collection of collectors" didn't increase too much during the last couple of years. However, after my retirement a nice holiday trip to South Africa in January 2018 was combined with a visit to a long-term chess friend. By chance this opportunity led to the highest concentration of CH&LS founding members on the African continent ever since.

Manfred Mittelbach, formerly located in Hamburg, moved to Cape Town after his retirement in 2012. Every Christmas season Manfred kindly invited me to visit his wife Pauline and him in Stephen Street, Gardens, a very nice quarter of the "Mother City". So at the end of January this ideas materialized and so each morning I had a very impressive view of the Table Mountain.

"Das Haar muss ziehen!" - front cover
"Das Haar muss ziehen!" - front cover

150th Anniversary of the Bamberg Chess Club, founded in 1868

If any book may deserve to be the first one, to be introduced on our new web presentation, it is this anniversary publication of my Bamberg chess friends. All aspects, the Chess History & Literature Society is representing, are reflected on its 264 pages with many unknown illustrations and documents. And, it is also clearly, demonstrating the long tradition of organized chess in Germany, but also the importance of a diligent collector to conserve this documentation.

So we all should remember the late Lothar Schmid, a good friend of Kenneth Whyld. And we should thank the respresentatives of the Bamberg chess community, foremost my friend, Bernhard Schmid, for this wonderful book, published in his Karl-May publishing house.

The only drawback: The book is written in German language, which will not harm any diehard chess collector *).

Michael Negele

[Update 2018-05-24] A Luxury Edition is now available: https://www.karl-may.de/modules/produkt.php?nummer=B-06511 [/Update]

Manfred Mittelbach and Michael Negele at Chapman's Peak, Cape of Good Hope, 2018
Manfred Mittelbach and Michael Negele at Chapman's Peak, Cape of Good Hope, 2018

We have all been eagerly awaiting the launch of our new website for a long time. There were various reasons for the delays, however be assured that our two webmasters, Wilfried and Frank have done their very best to develop this new website with modern functionality and design as quickly as possible. Both friends were not members of the Ken Whyld Association when they committed themselves to these responsibilities in autumn 2016.

The Tata meeting of CHLS, that we hoped to hold in the shop of Rainbowchess will not be possible, because this year, Rainbowchess doesn't have a shop in Wijk aan Zee.

It was planned for the 21th of January, when several foreign members are expected in Wijk aan Zee.

Martha Kist
Martha Kist

In the Netherlands the Frisian institution Tresoar has announced the ambition to found a Dutch centre for mind game collections. Recently, Tresoar, that means ‘treasure’, has applied for the institutional membership of the Ken Whyld Association (by the way the association will be formally renamed as Chess History and Literature Society at January 1st, 2018).

Tresoar, Friesland Historical and Literary Centre, has been based in Leeuwarden, the capital of the Dutch province Friesland (English Frisia, and in the Frisian language Fryslân). Next year Leeuwarden will be the cultural capital of Europe. Tresoar is the result of the merger of the Frisian Provincial Library, the state archives of the province of Friesland and the Frisian Literature Museum and Centre for Documentation. In its meeting of November 24th in Braunschweig the Board accepted the application of Tresoar as an institutional member, whereupon Tresoar appointed Mrs. Martha Kist as its representative.

On Friday 24th November the viewing for the 73rd chess - auction will take place in Braunschweig, Theaterwall 17. After the official viewing in the auction room all chessfriends are invited to have some snacks and refreshments in order to get fit again for the presentation of Mr. Wolfgang Pähtz (Jena/Germany) with his brand new book about Damenschach in Ostdeutschland (see http://paehtz.eu/Veroeffentlichungen) which will start at approx. 17:30 p.m. Afterwards we've a contribution from Mr. Herbert Bastian (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_Bastian) about the latest details of his recent "Chapais research".

This book is some sort of travel guide for chess lovers. It describes more than hundred places where cultural chess motives can be found. Mostly in museums, churches and castles in The Netherlands, Germany and France. Think of extraordinary chess pieces, chess boards, chess tables, chess clocks, chess statues, chess paintings, chess tapestries, chess villages, chess mosaics, chess graves, etcetera, etcetera.

The book is in an A5 paperback format, has 328 pages, has many (black & white) pictures and sells for € 19,95.

Hopefully the most critical remark will be that the book is available only in Dutch. The title is Reisgids voor Schaakliefhebbers, which translates as "Travel guide for chess lovers".

For more information contact the author via

Rob Spaans