by Michael Clapham

Lund Chess Academy recently held the latest of its regular online chess book auctions and many interesting and valuable lots went under the hammer. The auctions are admirably organised and conducted by Per Skoldager abd Calle Erlandsson whom I thank for allowing reproduction of the auction details and images.

There was keen competition for several scarce and sought after periodicals including the following:

  • British Chess Review, edited by Daniel Harrwitz, London, volume I only for 1853. This sold for €500 which was possibly good value as a full run of this periodical (12 issues for volume I and six issues in 1854 for volume II) sold in an LSAK auction earlier this year for €2,071.
  • A complete three volume run of The Amateur Chess Magazine, edited by James Chatto, London, 1872 to 1874, realised €270. From May 1873 the title changed to The Amateur and the chess content gradually diminished in favour of other amusements.

Showcase of the exhibition "Schach. Spiel – Sport – Wissenschaft – Kunst"
Showcase of the exhibition "Schach. Spiel – Sport – Wissenschaft – Kunst"

Siegfried Schönle, Kassel, reports on his visit to a chess exhibition in Jena in the ThULB (Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek) together with Konrad Reiß, Zörbig, and the two-day visit to the Löberitz chess museum in eastern Germany.

Schachausstellung in Jena und Schachmuseum in Löberitz (in German)

Our new member, Noémie Dumont from Lyon (France), introduces herself in the members area (You must be logged in to read).

New Member: Noémie Dumont

As the website of Antiquariat Klittich reported today, the auction on Saturday 27th November cannot be attended, due to the Corona situation in Germany. The auction can only be carried out “online”, or otherwise by written in bids, by telephone or by fax until two days before the auction. For further details, please see the Klittich website (

Bob van de Velde

After three consecutive online auctions due to Covid 19, our member Karl Klittich has hoped for a 'normal' biennial auction with normal customer participation on 25th to 27th November. It goes without saying that our Board has the same hope. After all, since almost two years we will have our first normal meeting of the board, and we could also organise our usual informal member meeting at the end of the viewing hours on 26th November.

However, in the meantime the new Covid wave makes it doubtful that the German authorities will allow the usual presence of attendees. The latest information about the situation in Germany and especially in Braunschweig can be found on the website of the Antiquariat (

Excerpt from Le Soir of March 17, 1961, page 7
Excerpt from Le Soir of March 17, 1961, page 7

Our member Wilfried Krebbers took another step towards solving the problem of the anniversary of Rubinstein's death. In the Belgian daily newspaper Le Soir of March 17, 1961, he found an obituary notice from Rubinstein on page 7. The date of death is mentioned there as March 14, 1961.

This should be another indication that Rubinstein died on March 14th and not on March 15th.

Wayne Komer

* 01-09-1941    † 13-09-2021

From Canada comes the sad news that our senior member Wayne Komer passed away on September 13. Wayne was a devoted chess historian and collector of chess litterature, which he presented to a larger audience on the Chesstalk page. Tony Peterson has supplied this link to his obituary on the page:

ChessTalk / Parlons Échecs: R.I.P. Wayne Komer, 09-01-1941 - 09-13-2021

Our member Alan McGowan has sent us a reaction on the question of the correct day of the demise of Akiba Rubinstein. The question was put forward by Mr. Philip Jurgens (Ottawa, Canada) and commented by our member John Donaldson (see the contribution on 2021-08-30: The date of Rubinstein’s death). Alan asks:

"Could you perhaps induce a Belgian member of CH&LS to look at the newspapers of the day; a death notice would help solve the issue. Or, going to the heart of things, acquire a copy of the death certificate?”

Well, this sounds like a challenge to our Belgium members! Who of them meets this challenge?

Bob van de Velde

View in the Chess Museum
View in the Chess Museum

Our member Bernd Schneider has sent us the bad news that the Chess Museum in the Swiss municipality Rain near Luzern has gone bankrupt. Its founder and owner Werner Rupp hadn't pay rent for quite a long time. Recently, in the presence of the police, but without the presence of Mr. Rupp, the building of the Museum was closed. In it the 32.000 chess boards, sets and pieces, together with 10.000 books, stay behind, partly packed in boxes, and waiting till the financial debt has been paid. Among the objects are the legacy of Viktor Kortchnoi and 3000 chess related stamps. The Luzerner Zeitung has published details about the background of this bankruptcy: Miete nicht bezahlt: Schachmuseum ist schachmatt

Alain Biénabe, 2008
Alain Biénabe, 2008

Recently, we have received the sad news that our long-time member Alain Biénabe is deceased on February 22th 2021 after suffering from Parkingson’s disease during 12 years.

This offers ...

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