Tony Gillam

Rare and Unpublished Chess Tournaments and Matches: 111

Tournaments of 1916

by A J Gillam

Amsterdam, April, 1916; Amsterdam, July/August, 1916; Budapest, September/October, 1916; Budapest, November/December, 1916; Arnhem 1916; Utrecht 1916; Vienna, Trebitsch Memorial, 1916/17

Stapled booklet; 68 pages; 7 cross tables; over 40 diagrams;
ISBN 978-1-911444-04-6;
nearly 100 games and position, with notes where available; background information;
several of these tournaments are rare and their cross tables do not appear in the published reference books.

front cover

Paul Felix Schmidt

by A J Gillam

Paperback; 229 pages; 29 cross tables; career record; brief biography; many diagrams and a few illustrations; ISBN 978-1-911444-008; 254 games and positions from 1931-1971 – all that we could find; many with notes, many by Schmidt; he was one of the strongest players in the world in the early 1940s with a retro-grading over 2600.

Who has never heard of "The Chess Player, Nottingham" – meanwhile a one-man show of our friend Tony Gillam – "Hunter of the Lost Games". Uncounted – in the very meaning of the word – are all his chess publications; a good insight into Tony’s productivity, but also into his "ups and downs" is given in Sarah Hurst’s article in "Curse of Kirsan, Russell Enterprises 2002"; also "CHESS, July 1999". With "Munich 1942" I have chosen one of Tony’s recent works to which I personally attach considerable significance.


Ostende 1906 International Chess Tournament

(CAISSA Editions, 2005)

Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians

(The Chess Player, Nottingham 2014) - Review by Brian Almeida at

Emanuel Lasker

eds. Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen, Michael Negele (Exzelsior Verlag Berlin, 2009), chapter 2: Lasker in Grossbritannien, pp. 29-49