Tony Gillam

Anthony J. Gillam

Munich 1942

European Chess Championship

Who has never heard of "The Chess Player, Nottingham" – meanwhile a one-man show of our friend Tony Gillam – "Hunter of the Lost Games". Uncounted – in the very meaning of the word – are all his chess publications; a good insight into Tony’s productivity, but also into his "ups and downs" is given in Sarah Hurst’s article in "Curse of Kirsan, Russell Enterprises 2002"; also "CHESS, July 1999". With "Munich 1942" I have chosen one of Tony’s recent works to which I personally attach considerable significance.


  • PublisherThe Chess Player, 2001
  • ISBN1901034461
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages124
  • Formatspaperback
  • See alsoGillam, Tony

Anthony J. Gillam

Ostende 1906

The Second International Chess Tournament

  • PublisherCaissa Editions, 2005
  • ISBN9780939433667
  • Languagesgerman
  • Pages445
  • Formatshardback
  • See alsoGillam, Tony

Anthony J. Gillam

Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians

After his work on Ostende 1906 (published 2005 by Caissa Editions, see this is the second "big" tournament book by A.J. Gillam. (Some may have lost track of all his smaller publications, you can find them at

The author has already described the relevant contents of the book in his announcement (from May 2014), and still more is to find in Brian Almeida’s recent review at The Truth is Out There. Altogether I can only agree: the wealth of new information, along with hundreds of unearthed games and rare photographs offer a true treasure trove for historically interested chess friends. And it is Tony Gillam's credit (and that of his collaborators – we have to mention here first and foremost the German author Stefan Haas who published a book on Mannheim 1914 in the previous year) that we can now learn so much about the fate and the chess activities of some prominent masters during WWI – above all Alekhine and Bogoljubow.
Unfortunately some of the (smaller) photographs in the book are very grainy or fuzzy (also pointed out by Tony Gillam), and it is always the question if you should still include such photos (I would prefer to omit them). But this point doesn’t seriously affect the overall excellent impression. The enormous research work and efforts put into this book are worthy of the highest praise. Best you buy the book!

PS (17-09-2014):
- A.J.Gillam's commentary concerning the above linked review by Brian Almeida: The Review of Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians
- Hans Ree read A.J.Gillam's Mannheim 1914 and the Interned Russians, see NIC 2014/6, p.96-100 - "The Great Folly".

Anthony J. Gillam

Tournaments of 1916

Amsterdam April 1916; Amsterdam July/August 1916; Budapest September/October 1916; Budapest November/December 1916; Arnhem 1916; Utrecht 1916; Vienna 1916/17

Nearly 100 games and position, with notes where available; background information;
several of these tournaments are rare and their cross tables do not appear in the published reference books.

A. J. Gillam - Tournaments of 1916 - frontcover
A. J. Gillam - Tournaments of 1916 - frontcover
  • PublisherThe Chess Player, 2016
  • ISBN978-1-911444-04-6
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages68
  • Formatsstaple
  • Miscellaneous7 cross tables; over 40 diagrams; nearly 100 games and position, with notes where available; background information; several of these tournaments are rare and their cross tables do not appear in the published reference books.
  • See alsoTournaments of 1916

Anthony J. Gillam

Paul Felix Schmidt

A. J. Gillam - Paul Felix Schmidt - frontcover
A. J. Gillam - Paul Felix Schmidt - frontcover
  • PublisherThe Chess Player, 2017
  • ISBN978-1-911444-00-8
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages229
  • Formatspaperback
  • Miscellaneous29 cross tables; career record; brief biography; many diagrams and a few illustrations; 254 games and positions from 1931-1971 – all that we could find; many with notes, many by Schmidt; he was one of the strongest players in the world in the early 1940s
  • See alsoPaul Felix Schmidt

Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen, Michael Negele

Emanuel Lasker

Denker, Weltenbürger, Schachweltmeister

  • PublisherExzelsior Verlag, 2009
  • ISBN9783935800051
  • Languagesgerman
  • Pages1079
  • Formatshardback
  • See alsoAnnouncement of the Lasker Monograph
  • Description
    1. Wolfgang Kamm & Tomasz Lissowski: Emanuel Laskers Vorfahren, Familie und Kindheit
    2. Tony Gillam: Lasker in Grossbritannien
    3. John Hilbert: Emanuel Lasker - Amerikanische Sichtweisen
    4. Roberto Mayor Gutiérrez & Jesús Bayolo Gonzalez: Emanuel Lasker auf Kuba
    5. Peter de Jong: Laskers Beziehung zu den Niederlanden
    6. Isaak Linder & Wladimir Linder: Emanuel Lasker in Russland
    7. Toni Preziuso: Aus der Schreibmaschine des Schachweltmeisters
    8. Susanna Poldauf: Lasker und die Berliner Boheme
    9. Joachim Rosenthal: Der Mathematiker Emanuel Lasker
    10. Bernd Gräfrath: Lasker als Philosoph
    11. Egbert Meissenburg: Emanuel Lasker - Bibliographie seiner Schriften
    12. Karl Kadletz: Laskers Biograph Jacques Hannak
    13. Wolfgang Angerstein: Laska - Ein strategisches Verstandesspiel
    14. Robert van de Velde: Nicht nur Schach - Emanuel Lasker als Bridgespieler
    15. Hans-Christian Wohlfarth: Lasker und Go
    16. Ralf J. Binnewirtz: Laskers Schachprobleme
    17. Jürgen Fleck: Laskers Endspielstudien
    18. Robert Hübner: Zu den Anfängen von Laskers Schachlaufbahn
    19. Raj Tischbierek: Hastings 1895
    20. Raj Tischbierek: Das Weltmeisterschaftsmatch Lasker-Tarrasch 1908
    21. John Donaldson: Weltmeister ohne Titel
    22. Raj Tischbierek: Laskers Comeback 1934 in Zürich
    23. Viktor Kortschnoi: Drei Partien eines alten Meisters
    24. Thomas Lemanczyk: Laskers Turnier- und Wettkampfpartien
    25. Michael Negele: Jenseits des Zufalls - Schach war doch das Leben