Richard Forster

Richard Forster’s first work (in book form) on the English chess master Amos Burn has so far exceeded the manifold expectations and in all serious reviews it also met with an outstanding response, you will find examples at the author’s website, in KARL 4/04 or in NiC 8/2004 where Hans Ree devotes nearly 4 pages to this biography ("Quiet, but with a Revolver"). His in every respect weighty work will hopefully be found on the shelves of many chess friends.


Further publications:

  • Schachgesellschaft Zürich 1809 bis 2009. Eine helvetische Schachgeschichte in zwei Jahrhunderten mit einem Turnier- und Personenlexikon (Zürich, 2009).
    Addendum: the articles by Dr. Richard Forster & Dr. Christian Rohrer, The World's Oldest Chess Club: Part I (1809-1914), Part II (1914-1945), Part III (1945-1961) and Part IV (1975 to the present), published at ChessBase.
    The Jubilee Book at the site of the Schachgesellschaft Zürich.
  • English edition: The Zurich Chess Club, 1809 - 2009 (McFarland, 2011. 448 pp.) Review by Brian Almeida at ChessCafe: A Monumental Tribute of Narrow Appeal
    Page at McFarland
  • (as editor:) Paul Müller-Breil, Erwin Voellmy (Zurich, 2005) - see
  • Together with Michael Negele and Stefan Hansen he edited: Emanuel Lasker. Denker, Weltenbürger, Schachweltmeister (Berlin, 2009) - see Lasker Monograph.
  • Edited together with Ulla Steffan: Auf die Dame kommt es an. Schachgeschichten (Unionsverlag, 2014) - see