Alex Crisovan (†)

With our Swiss "young member" an old-timer of chess journalism has joined the KWA, Alex Crisovan was editor of the Schweizerische Schachzeitung from 1973 to 1978. His publications are numerous, certainly the chronicle of the Swiss Chess Federation on the occasion of its centenary celebrations has to be rated as a remarkable contribution to the documentation of the history of chess.


Alex Crisovan

Alois Nagler Zürich 1998

Commemorative volume and tournament book on the occasion of Alois Nagler's 100th birthday. Published 2007 by Schachgesellschaft Zürich.
  • PublisherSchachgesellschaft Zürich, 2007
  • Pages170

Further publications:

  • co-authored by János Flesch and Hans Suri: WM 76 Biel-Schweiz. Interzonen-Turnier. 9. u. 10. Internationales Open, Internationales Jugendturnier, Internationales Blitzturnier. Game annotations by Janos Flesch. Text and reports by Alex Crisovan. (H. Suri, Biel 1976. 160 pp.)