Iván Bottlik

Iván Bottlik

Kis magyar sakktörténet

In 2004 our chess historian from Budapest has presented a concise overview of the Hungarian chess history where a text page is always opposite to a page with photographs or illustrations. It is quite remarkable that the sheet of stamps published at the same time and reproduced on the front (showing a position from the "Hungarian Opening") forms the basis of the book: On each of the 64 stamps a text in miniature has been printed reflecting a phase of Hungarian chess history – they may be read with the help of a magnifying glass. These miniature texts (by Iván Bottlik as well) correspond to a large degree to the book chapters. An original collector’s item supplementing the book!


  • PublisherPrivate publication, 2004
  • ISBN9634602681
  • Pages136
  • MiscellaneousLanguage: hungarian

Further publications:

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