Jimmy Adams

Jimmy Adams

Mikhail Chigorin

The Creative Chess Genius

The latest work by Jimmy Adams is Mikhail Chigorin, the Creative Genius. New, Greatly Enlarged Edition (New In Chess 2015). Bound edition of 750 pages.

  • PublisherNew In Chess, 2015
  • ISBN978-90-5691-601-5
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages750
  • Formatspaperback

Jimmy Adams

Johannes Zukertort

Artist of the Chessboard Taschenbuch

Recently a long-standing friend of Ken Whyld has joined us whose outstanding works as a chess publicist may fill complete metres long shelves. (Particularly if you add the volumes of CHESS Monthly which has been edited since August 1991 by Jimmy Adams as a technical editor, then from spring 1992 - after the MacMillam crash – as an editor.)
Impressive are the tournament books published together with Dale Brandreth: Baden-Baden 1925, Bled 1931 or Moscow 1935, each based on the Russian originals, as well as Bogoljubov’s Chigorin biography, translated by Jimmy into English. But my definite favourite is and will remain "Artist of the Chessboard", herewith Johannes Zukertort was finally dedicated in 1989 a worthy game collection and biography.


PS (07-02-2016):
A new edition of the above Zukertort biogrophy was published by New In Chess 2014 (paperback, 541 pp.).

  • PublisherNew In Chess, 2014
  • ISBN978-9056914967
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages528

Jimmy Adams

Gyula Breyer

The Chess Revolutionary

I am glad to announce the newest publication of my friend Jimmy Adams. In Norwich 2012 we talked about Gyula Breyer, and he told me, that he was working already more than 20 years on this topic. Now, five years later, I can hold his tremendously well researched The Chess Revolutionary, a book of incredible 876 pages, in my hands. Thank you, dear Jimmy, for all your efforts.

Michael Negele

Gyula Breyer - front cover
  • PublisherNew In Chess, 2017
  • ISBN978-9056917210
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages880
  • Formatspaperback
Gyula Breyer - back cover