Bernd Gräfrath

Schachgeschichten mit Lichtbildern

After his first photo book "Lichtbilder und Schachkompositionen" (see our former entry) Bernd Gräfrath has just published a second volume "Schachgeschichten mit Lichtbildern" [Chess Stories with Photographs], again in a very small edition and produced in the same manner.

Most copies of the edition have already been distributed to problem friends.

One copy will go to the Cleveland Public Library which already holds the first photo book (so this is the only public library worldwide holding the two volumes).

Again this is a delightful volume, and in a still better print quality than the above mentioned first photo book, while the overall get-up is of the same fine quality as before. Apart from two pages where the author comments on a few of his OTB games and one correspondence game respectively, the book contains a diversified  mixture of own compositions (partly co-authored) as well as some problems by other composers, livened up by attractive photographs from private tours. The author has also tried to include photos matching the corresponding opposite text.
There is an introductory orthodox two-mover (recalling Bernd Gräfrath’s first solving experience), but all the other problems are fairies and retros/proof games (with or without additional fairy conditions). Another original idea is realized at the end: One page gives the amusing "Des Teufels Problemisten-Wörterbuch, 1. Lieferung" [The Devil’s Problemists’ Dictionary, 1st Part].
As mentioned by the author, with regard to contents his book has been inspired by Hans Gruber’s entry in Caissas Schloßbewohner.

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  • PublisherSelf-published, 2014
  • Languagesgerman
  • Pages42
  • Formatshardback
  • Miscellaneouslarge format (21.5 x 27.5 cm); Colour printing with many full-page photographs and a few smaller photos
Cover verso. The photo shows Bernd Gräfrath in front of the clouded Matterhorn.