Allan G. Savage (†)

Allan G. Savage

Reconciling chess: A Marcel Duchamp sampler

Only 20 pages contains the "Marcel Duchamp Sampler" by Allan G. Savage which was "prepared specifically for the Chess Festival 1998" in Moline, IL in a limited edition. The booklet includes some short comments on Duchamp’s early chess career, expositions of conjugate (corresponding) squares (sister squares) in pawn endings, of their pre-history as well as the reconciliation of opposition and sister squares, completed by two annotated games of Duchamp. The paper was intended as a small "appetizer" for Allan Savage’s forthcoming book on Duchamp, and we wonder if we can still be curious about this publication!?


Thinkers’ Press, Inc., Davenport, IA June 1998 ISBN 0-938650-99-8 limited edition of 200 copies
  • PublisherThinkers' Press, 1998
  • ISBN9780938650997
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages20
  • Formatspaperback
  • See alsoSavage, Allan G.

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