Eric Ruch

Eric Ruch

L'histoire du jeu d'échecs par correspondance au XIXe siècle

Volume I: Des origines à 1840

Eric Ruch presents here the first volume of a comprehensive history of correspondence chess and follows with that an old suggestion of Eduard Dyckhoff ["Who will write us the history of correspondence chess?"]. The more than 70 included games reproduced from the period 1804 to 1840 (few played till 1843) are predominantly provided with contemporary comments as well as numerous diagrams. A 16-page appendix with black and white illustrations (reproduced are old letters and pages from books) completes the work whose English edition we hopefully can expect soon.

(R.B., III 2012)

EDITIONS feenschach - phénix chess FEE=NIX history II.f - 2010 printed by -be- à aix-la-chapelle Paperback / Thread-stitching 320+XVI pages Edition of 500 Copies
  • PublisherEDITIONS feenschach, 2010
  • Pages336
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