Persons celebrating an Anniversary in October 2007

This time our first birthday greetings go to the Swiss town of Pfäffikon where Alex Crisovan attained the "double eight" on October 2nd. Only a few days before he had still appeared as a contributor to Schach – Deutsche Schachzeitung, the October issue of this magazine contains some interesting memories of the candidate tournament Neuhausen/Zurich 1953 from his pen. Still fresh in our mind is also his book on Alois Nagler and the Nagler Memorial Tournament which says a great deal and was published this year in an attractive make-up by the Zurich Chess Society.

There are now four real anniversaries on our list: We will start with our New York member and collector Jeffrey Alan Tannenbaum, this gentleman with the essentially German surname celebrated his 60th birthday on 10/10/2007. Now and then he turns up in the internet as a staff reporter of The Wall Street Journal, about his chess activities however no further details are known to us. Some of us have met him at the KWA annual meeting and naturally he afterwards appeared several times in the galleries of our NYC update.

Our Italian friends Luca D'Ambrosio (left) and Romano Belluci in Bozen
Our Italian friends Luca D'Ambrosio (left) and Romano Belluci in Bozen

Luca D’Ambrosio is the next of this quartet, only two days later the food chemist from South Tyrol looked back on 4 decades. In his job he works as the director of the Bozen laboratory for food analysis, ...

in his free time naturally chess is very important to him which he pursues as an active player of his club SC Arci Scacchi (Bozen), but he is also integrated into board work as the secretaryof the ASV Südtiroler Schachbund [Amateur Sports Club South Tyrol Chess Association]. Moreover he has been working for some time on a documentation of the tournaments Meran 1924 and 1926. I found only one game of him in an online club bulletin from 1999: Luca D'Ambrosio - L. De Angelis (First Italian Chess Championship via e-mail, 1997-99) [at the end of the pdf-file].

Benedikt Wagner is one of our youngest members, he is a philologist living in the English city of Oxford or rather gaining a doctorate there (his perfect knowledge of German seems to prove himself to be a native German): he turned 30 on October 20th. Unfortunately he was not able to attend our London meeting this year which for the time being has prevented to become personally acquainted with him, and we also have no further information at the moment – particularly on his chess interests and activities.

Two further Britons conclude our monthly selection: Ewen Cameron from Nether Poppleton (near York) appears for the first time in our column as well. Only in last August he joined the KWA and now we can congratulate him on his 80th birthday (on October 26th)! As a chess historian his interests are focussed on the time after World War II, especially on the English IM Henry E. Atkins (1872-1955).

Our Welsh member Leonard M. Skinner is already familiar to us, the (former) marine biologist as well as collector and historian in chess matters (Alekhine biographer!) had his special day on October 29th when he reached the "79". It was particularly nice that he was able to enrich our already mentioned London meeting in June together with several other KWA friends from the British Isles. Furthermore we wouldn’t like to let it unmentioned that he made this year a very valuable contribution to our bibliography of commemorative publications when he did a meticulous proofreading of the English version.


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!