Persons celebrating an Anniversary in September 2007

This month’s birthday quartet is led by our English member Eric Fisher who celebrated his 72nd birthday in Hull on September 7th, he has already appeared several times in our column.

We welcome Kerry Lawless from the Californian town of Hayward as a new member, he could look back on 58 years exactly in the middle of the month. The chess historian has especially committed himself to Californian chess history which he presents at his website ChessDryad.Com, the wealth alone of "Chess Articles" linked there is impressive. Certainly it gave him great pleasure to visit our general meeting in New York just on his birthday.

Raj Tischbierek, Berlin GM and head of the Exzelsior Publishing House was introduced by this column in 2004, now he celebrated his 45th birthday on September 24th. It is known that the Zukertort biography – at that time still in preparation – was successfully finished in his publishing house in 2005, it was the first KWA book project going beyond a mere reprint. At the moment the extensive Lasker biography is still a pie in the sky with regard to its completion, it is supposed to see the light of day in the Exzelsior Publishing House as well.

Hans Ellinger from Tübingen who reached the "68" two days later is well-known in the collectors’ scene (and not only there). He too makes his debut in this column as he joined the KWA in the beginning of this year, a photo of him had been taken at the Lasker weekend in Bonn. The PhD in law and retired senior public prosecutor has not only a top-class collection of chess literature but as an active player he often takes part in senior tournaments as well (he is a member of the Chess Club Tübingen 1870 and has the FIDE Master title). But above all he took on a leading position as a chess official in 2005 by superseding Hanno Dürr as the president of the Chess Federation Württemberg. His contribution to the publication of the "Tübinger Beiträge" has already been appreciated – to be looked up in the Publications of our Members.


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!