Persons celebrating an Anniversary in July 2007

In July as well we are able to offer two birthdays only: this time our Danish member Stellan Persson is leading our small selection, he celebrated his 71st birthday on the first (Sun)day of this month. While we have little to add to our last year’s detailed introduction, we should make an additional remark about the chess book auction at Gothenburg annually held in early spring and organized by Stellan – this year’s 40th auction has been acknowledged at our website.

Our second birthday greetings go to the Saxon state capital Dresden where Manfred Mädler looked back on 73 years in the middle of the month (exactly on 15 July). Meanwhile the traditional chess house which is instinctively associated with his name has seen considerable 35 summers, since 11 years now it has been situated in the old exclusive residential area of Dresden-Blasewitz. We have already linked several times various photos of Manfred, so this time the chess house is due (picture below) – the chess shop is located on the (slightly raised) ground floor. Moreover we call to mind Manfred’s correspondence chess activities, as a nice bonus we offer his convincing win over Stevan Letić in the II Heilimo CC Memorial, annotated by Johannes Eising in Rochade 197, December 1980.

Wägnerstr. 5 in Dresden-Blasewitz - Chess House Mädler (photo from 1998)
Wägnerstr. 5 in Dresden-Blasewitz - Chess House Mädler (photo from 1998)


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!