Persons celebrating an Anniversary in October 2006

This year’s golden October we are pleased to mention four birthdays, we will start with our new member Alex Crisovan who completed his 87th year on October 2nd – so he is the second oldest member of our association. Born in Hungary (Békéscsaba), he has been living in the Swiss town of Pfäffikon since 1958. He should be familiar to most chess friends as a representative of the writing guild as he has been active as a chess journalist and author since the middle of the last century. He made major contributions to the tournament book IZT Biel 1976, to the jubilee books 90 Jahre SSV 1889-1979 and 100 Jahre SSV 1889-1989 (appreciated in the Publications of our members) as well as to the two tournament books 54th and 55th Russian Championship (1987 and 1988). His unexpected appearing in La Tour-de-Peilz where he also joined the KWA is documented at our pages.

A little more to the southwest, namely in the wonderful Italian region of Liguria we meet another KWA member, Enrico Cecchelli celebrated a special anniversary on October 13th by looking back on half a century. The doctor of medical science has only a meagre free time for his hobby at his disposal, his profession and his family demanding an inevitable tribute. Nevertheless he succeeded in pushing and recently finishing the publication of his tournament book on Sanremo 1930, certainly an especially pleasant coincidence of events for him.
(On this occasion we refer again to the entry in the Publications of our members.)

We turn to the next real anniversary and congratulate Frank Schubert – he completed exactly four decades on October 29th. Our "Dr. Ing." is working as a member of the scientific staff at the Dresden Fraunhofer Institute for non-destructive test procedures. In one of his online published technical articles he has introduced himself by a picture and a short text (at the end of the article), therefore we link this (pdf-)file here. His leisure time left for chess is very limited as well, but we remember to have seen him at the regional meeting in Brunswick 2005 where he put up a particular tough (even though futile in the end) fight against the simul playing Bernd Schneider.

At the same time Leonard M. Skinner celebrated his special day, he turned 78 and we wish him many happy returns of the day! Our member from Wales has the title of doctor likewise, according to the little we know he worked as a marine scientist. Naturally he is much better known to us all as the (co)author (together with R.G.P. Verhoeven) of the most extensive and thorough collection of Alekhine's games ever seen in the chess world – a monumental work which belongs to the compulsory stock of each serious chess library!


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!