Persons celebrating an Anniversary in September 2006

In our late summer September column we have the pleasure to welcome a new US member, Leigh Harrington from the Texan city of Sugar Land completed his 47th year on September 5th. All we know about him is that he is active in collecting.

Eric W. Fisher who celebrated his 71st birthday on September 7th is already known to us from the last years (2004/2005). Meanwhile he is also included as an author in the Publications of our Members, and we take from the Internet that at the 42nd Hull Chess Congress in November 2005 a tournament in honour of our member – the Eric Fisher Minor (30 participants/5 rounds) – took place, we may assume that it will become an institution.

We stay in the Anglo-American region and meet Lawrence Totaro, only one day later our KWA junior from Las Vegas looked back on just a quarter of a century. He has quickly given up a short abstinence from the KWA, you will learn most about him and his collecting activities from his new designed homepage including multimedia presentations.

Our next birthday greetings go to Vienna, J. Walter Simon had his special day on September 12th – he turned 45. As an antiquarian he is already involved in (chess) books in his working life, but also privately he is collecting chess literature, particularly subsidiary subjects such as psychology, politics, philosophy etc. He already belonged to the small company which formed the Amsterdam group in November 2002, later on he also joined in two general meetings (in Forchheim 2004 and unexpectedly in La Tour-de-Peilz 2006).

Detlef Krämer from Cologne makes his debut in our column too, he celebrated his 47th birthday on September 19th. Foremost he is a collector, therefore it was only logical that he visited the last Klittich-Pfankuch auction in June this year – for this an example/photo from our pages.

For the first time as well Siegfried Schönle is on our birthday list, he has a real anniversary as on September 23rd a look back at six decades of his life was granted to him. As a collector and chess historian he has a great interest in very old chess books, additionally he is very concerned about the subject "chess in literature"– for example he is collecting Stefan Zweig’s Schachnovelle [The Royal Game] in all conceivable languages. In this connection look also at his study Das Schachspiel in den Schriften Jean Pauls [The game of chess in Jean Paul’s works] [E. Meissenburg, Seevetal 1999 and 2000 (Schach-Forschungen, Nr. 16)] published later on at the pages of the IG Königstein (in German only). But the author Siegfried Schönle should be familiar to you from our KWA pages too as we introduced him long ago in the Publications of our Members (Selenus 1616 / Zincgref 1636 ...) and with his exquisite work Schachschätze aus Lübeck [Chess treasures from Lübeck].


PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!