Persons celebrating an Anniversary in March 2006

Our first greetings go to a distant country as Paul Dunn lives in the southeast of Australia: on March 7th he celebrated his 59th birthday. We have already acknowledged him briefly as an author in the Publications of our Members, but we also like to take the opportunity to present him as the editor (together with Shaun Press) of the chess magazine The Australian Chess Forum and as the ACF games archivist as well (ACF = Australian Chess Federation) – at the moment the online database OZBASE "The Australian Chess Games Archive" contains more than 21,800 games.

Thomas Lemanczyk from the German "blade city" Solingen still belongs to our youngest members, and at his 35 years of age which he completed on March 13 he is still at the best chess age. As an expert in Slavic languages he has already done valuable translation work on the Zukertort book, and for the forthcoming project on the Lasker biography he has again promised to help so that the Russian contributions of father and son Linder will become readable for us.

In the north of Europe we welcome Øystein Brekke, he lives in the Norwegian town of Åmot where he celebrated his look back at half a century on March 22nd. In March, 2004 we have already told in this place about his numerous chess activities – among other things as an historian of the Norwegian chess and as an author as well. We would like to add that he is the president of the NPSF (Norges Postsjakkforbund) and the manager of his own chess publishing house Sjakkbutikken Norsk Sjakkforlag too. And I wouldn’t like either to withhold from our members the nice photo of Øystein which is found in the online album of the NPSF ...

For the first time in this column we meet Rubens Alberto Filguth, we are pleased to congratulate him on the 50th return of his birthday (on March 24th) as well. The Brazilian International Master and (since 1986) International Arbiter from Curitiba is already represented as an author in the Publications of our Members and we mentioned his chess book for children Conto Xadrez (40 p., Artmed 2005) too. A further publication from his pen is the chess dictionary Xadrez de A a Z: Dicionário Ilustrado which was likewise published last year by Artmed.

Congratulations to all!

PS: You will find all previous birthday greetings in our archives!