Schach in Literatur und Kunst

Our member Siegfried Schönle from Kassel in Germany, whom many may remember from his contribution to the congress in KWA meeting Kiel, has compiled a work covering his extensive collection on the theme of chess in literature and art. The book is in German language.

Siegfried Schönle
Schach in Literatur + Kunst – vom Barock bis ins Jahr 2016.
Ein Sammlungsverzeichnis aus 25 Jahren.

Title translated: “Chess in Literature and Art – From the Baroque Era until into 2016.
A Catalogue of 25 Years Collecting”.

510 Pages A4 size, printing in 3 columns.
4273 Entries with numerous annotations, additions and bibliographical references.
Limited edition of 20 copies.
Blue hardcover binding with gilt lettering on front cover and spine.
Price 85 Euros plus postage.

The work reflects the result of 25 years of collecting with focus on chess scenes and chess illustrations in German literature, from the baroque period until the year 2016. 10 Titles from the 16th century, about 55 from the 17th, 100 from the 18th and 280 from the 19th century are included.  But also many other languages than German are present in the collection.  This applies especially to an important topic of the collection: Stefan Zweig’s “Schachnovelle”, a story of which Mr Schönle has tried to collect as many editions in as many languages as possible even if this would only remain a target.  For those interested: the entries 3811 to 4372 are Schachnovelle-editions and associated secondary literature.

About 600 English language works and translations are included.

Other special topics in the collection are works on the Chess Automaton of Baron von Kempelen (The Turk), crime stories, and art related books and catalogues.  Lexicons, bibliographies and other works of reference were gradually added over the years.

Please have a look at the pictures and some sample pages:

Title page
Title page

More details can be found in the German language introduction:

You can order the book by e-mail at Siegfried Schönle:

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