Rob Spaans: Reisgids voor Schaakliefhebbers

This book is some sort of travel guide for chess lovers. It describes more than hundred places where cultural chess motives can be found. Mostly in museums, churches and castles in The Netherlands, Germany and France. Think of extraordinary chess pieces, chess boards, chess tables, chess clocks, chess statues, chess paintings, chess tapestries, chess villages, chess mosaics, chess graves, etcetera, etcetera.

The book is in an A5 paperback format, has 328 pages, has many (black & white) pictures and sells for € 19,95.

Hopefully the most critical remark will be that the book is available only in Dutch. The title is Reisgids voor Schaakliefhebbers, which translates as "Travel guide for chess lovers".

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Rob Spaans

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