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Laudation for Guy Van Habberney (3rd from right)
Laudation for Guy Van Habberney (3rd from right)

As usual the Board of our Society came together for its bi-annual meeting in the last week of June during the likewise bi-annual auction days of antiquarian bookseller and auction house Klittich-Pfankuch in Braunschweig (Brunswick). This time the former treasurer, successively chairman of the Society (at that time still the Ken Whyld Association) Guy Van Habberney had been invited to join, and for good reason: the Board informed him that on a proposal of the Board the Council of Representatives had decided to appoint him as Honorary Member of the Chess History & Literature Society! Later that afternoon of Friday June 22nd this appointment was made public at the beginning of the informal member meeting in which on behalf of the Board Honorary Member Michael Negele pronounced an appreciation. From July 9th on the text of this warmly applauded appreciation can be found in the member pages under News for members.
[Update 2018-07-09] The text is now available, A short appreciation by another "Honorary Member" [/Update]

Furthermore the Board discussed the future of the Society as a result of and on the basis of the drafts for the adaptation of the Statutes of the Society and of the Ken Whyld Foundation, that are necessary not only because of the new name but also for the protection of the rights connected to the ToBiblion Project and to the (design of the) website as well as of the copy rights and the protection of personal information.

Also the more routine-like issues such as financial affairs, membership, ToBiblion were dealt with. Positive results can be reported: the financial state of the Society was never so healthy as in this year, during the first 6 months of this year seven new members were registered and the first steps has been put in the direction of incorporation of the picture collection of Michael Negele and the autograph collection of the auction house of Klittich-Pfankuch into the Tobiblion database. In short the minutes of the meeting shall be published on the website.

Bob van de Velde

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