Nights (and Days) in Leiden and Wijk aan Zee

by Michael Negele

January 20-22, 2006

My friend Kuno Thiel came with me this year to visit Wijk aan Zee, he is a FIDE master and enthusiastic photographer, mostly inspired by the favourable moment. I have arranged his gallery of snapshots with concise captions and a short digression for "Morra-lists".

Gallery 1: Meeting in Leiden and Zandvoort (15 photos)

Gallery 2: Impressions of Wijk aan Zee part I (16 photos)

Gallery 3: ... part II (12 photos)

Gallery 4: A night in "Horse Club" (7 photos)

Gallery 5: ... and heavy blows in the Rapid
Rapid - the MORRA-list was winning but one arbiter was too cruel. (7 photos)

Gallery 6: Meeting friends in a "chessic" atmosphere - some impressions of Wijk aan Zee. (8 photos)

You may play over two of my games from the Rapid Tournament:


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