Michael Negele's Short Trip to Holland - 21 July 2007

Utrecht / Leidschendam

First stop at Utrecht, here a view of the Oude Gracht
where Hans Engberts' antiquarian bookshop is situated.

Hinderickx & Winderickx - Antiquarian bookshop since 1982 in the Oude Gracht 234

A look into the chess decorated shop window

Peter de Jong and Hans Engberts - this time the Dutch contribution to the Lasker biography was the morst urgent subject.

Moreover a very interesting find was made by Michael Negele who discovered - in a small book - a largely unknown Lasker letter dated 4 May 1921.

The participants in our book project will find a scan of this Lasker letter as well as its typewritten transcript in our Google forum. The informative letter was written on the return journey from Havana on the "VAPOR Alfonso XIII" and includes an addendum by Martha Lasker.

At our treasurer's home in Leidschendam (near The Hague) the KWA cash audit was on the agenda (in the front Regina and Bert Corneth, behind Henri Serruys and Michael Negele).
Owing to Bert's excellent work all figures are accurately assigned now, they will soon be available in our Member's Area.

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