Latest news regarding the CCI meeting in St. Louis

Tom Gallegos and Luann Woneis gave further information about the CCI meeting in St. Louis. The message also contains photos of the display shelves at Link, bulging with sets, just to whet your appetite.


Greetings CCI Members and other Chess Friends,

Just a quick reminder: Don't forget to bid on Chess SETS, Chess BOOKS and much more at Link Auction Galleries in St. Louis, September 5, 2020 at 10:00 in the morning, Central Daylight Time. That’s 16:00 (4 pm) for the UK; and 17:00 (5 pm) for most of the rest of Europe.

A few of us will be in St. Louis, bidding live. For those of you joining us online, you can access the auction on three different platforms:

To access the auction on Link Auction Galleries own website:

To access the auction on

To access the auction on

Link has 267 lots of chess SETS, chess BOOKS and other chess items ready to go. Get ready to bid!


Best Wishes,

Tom Gallegos &
Luann Woneis

P.S.: And THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support, kind words and encouragement in these trying times!

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