Ariel Magnus: Die Schachspieler von Buenos Aires

front cover

by Michael Negele

All of a sudden I was reminded to my old story about Susanna (Sonja) Graf-Stevenson (Schicksal eines „Fräuleinwunders“ – der Lebensweg der Sonja Graf-Stevenson | Life story of female prodigy Sonja Graf-Stevenson). A new novel, published by an Argentinian author (Ariel Magnus), but in German language, immediately reminded me to think of an update of my own research of 2007.

Through Willibald Müller who was in contact to Mrs. Joyce Graf (in Hildenborough, Kent) I received a bunch of letters by Sonja to her brother Alex Graf. In 2011 the English version of my article was translated - thanks to Vlastimil Fiala. In 2013 I had been in Buenos Aires and Juan Morgado brought me to some place where Sonja had lived (The Chess Treasures of CABA).

In 2016 I had found new material in the Rueb scrapbooks in the Royal Library in The Hague. So in 2019 it may be it is high time to get a clue what happened in Munich in 1926 ...

So Wilfried Krebbers did me the favor to repair all the links to the illustrations and also presented the whole text of 2007 (Schicksal eines "Fräuleinwunders) in a more modern style. The English article in QCH No. 16 (of 2011) is provided as a link to a pdf (Life story of female prodigy Sonja Graf-Stevenson). So I also want to promote Vlastimils Quarterly for Chess History this way:

More information about author and book:

PS: The Diemer text is an add-on, Wilfried was eager to present. Sorry, no English version available: Emil Joseph Diemer, ein Eiferer zwischen Wahn und Wahrheit

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