Cießow's Reminiscence of F. Dueball

Günter Cießow's Reminiscence of Felix Dueball

Sometimes the interested chess researcher must be ready to tread byways: When paying a visit to our member Thomas Lemanczyk I managed to inspect the biography which was published in 2008 by Günter Cießow from Berlin and which I was only familiar with by the title.

Felix Dueball is the ancestor of an entire dynasty of chess and go players, the book of Mr. Cießow reveals the complete family and go history.
So Jürgen Dueball from Solingen who died some years ago was a grandson of Felix Dueball and a pronounced go expert as well.

Cover verso
Cover verso

In the book – prepared by Cießow with much commitment – I found among other things a wonderful photograph of the Berlin "Finkenschaft", i.e. the chess department of the Berlin Free Student Body. The photo originates demonstrably from 1902 – later on some of the pictured men became well-known greats in the chess but also in the go scene.

Felix Dueball stands in the centre (marked by the arrow).
Which later grandmaster with still a full head of hair is to find here?
Which later on also bald-headed important figure of correspondence chess can you identify – still youthfully haired here? (Supposedly as a guest from Munich.)

Sitting in the middle the then president of the summer term – for that we may refer to the Akademische Schachblätter, May 1902, p. 43.

A little help: naturally you will find a number of hints in the recently published Lasker monograph.

Even for chess collectors the book is of interest as no one less than Emanuel Lasker himself was (later on) a member of the Berlin go scene.

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(Michael Negele)

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