Calle Erlandsson in Cuba

At the beginning of January our friend Calle Erlandsson returned to Sweden from a two-week trip to Cuba - just in time to take successfully part in the ChessCafe Holiday Quiz. We would like to show you some of his photos he recently sent us.

A duty visit for chess historians - Calle Erlandsson at the grave of J. R. Capablanca at the "Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón" in Havana.

Capablanca's grave is decorated in a manner befitting his rank - with a large chess king.

At the pedestal below the king the inscription with Capablanca's name is visible (see picture below).

José R. Capablanca
in paintings
(on the left and below)

Calle met the correspondence chess IM César Revuelta Capablanca, a son of Capablanca's cousin.

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