Brunswick 2012

Again a goodly group of KWA members visited this year’s November auction in Brunswick. We can offer a short abstract and a bundle of photos.

Our chairman Guy Van Habberney has briefly summarized the event:

On Friday, November 23, the KWA held a small informal meeting at the Klittich auction house. As usual, this event was preceded by the traditional reception offered by the Klittich family.

Guy Van Habberney and Michael Negele gave a short overview of upcoming events (Wijk aan Zee, Cracow, annual meeting - still to be determined), the planned incorporation of the KWA as a legal entity and the publication projects.

After that, the floor was given to Andreas Saremba, who gave the audience an update on the KWA database project.  In an effort to get a greater participation to this project, Andreas had even produced 7 exclusive ‘New Gaige’ booklets for the more active participants in the project.  One cannot think of a better carrot for collectors.

The fact that his lecture was attended by mostly German and Dutch members, especially those groups whose participation in this project is sorely lacking, may give some additional hope for a greater momentum in the database project.

As is traditional, the evening was concluded with a nice no-host dinner at the nearby Al Duomo restaurant.  From the pictures taken there, it is very obvious that a good time was had by all!

Below we offer a selection of photographs, provided (incl. the captions) by Michael Negele.
By the way, the members Bernd Segebarth and Hanspeter Suwe are not shown in the pictures as they didn’t take part in the dinner or were only present on Saturday.

"Bügelkatze" in the front garden of Theaterwall 17, not a new KWA member!
"Bügelkatze" in the front garden of Theaterwall 17, not a new KWA member! (click picture to enlarge detail)

You may view additional 16 photos in this gallery.

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