About the Laska Evening at Brunswick

In the run-up to this year's spring auction in Brunswick the auction house Klittich-Pfankuch had invited to a Laska evening, to be held on Friday, 18 June 2010, in the well-known auction hall. Our member and Laska expert Prof. Wolfgang Angerstein made a major contribution to this successful event by giving a paper on Laska and Lasker, and he also accompanied the participants of the following Laska lightning tournament. Finally our host delighted the palates and the hearts of the guests with a new special edition of fine wine (this time with a Laska/Salta label) - verified by several entries in the guest book too.

Here you can have a look at Wolfgang Angerstein's Powerpoint presentation (with 46 slides) as PDF (3.8 MB).

You will find additional photos of the evening, also supplied by Wolfgang Angerstein, in this picture gallery.

PS (21/07/2010): Dr. Karl Klittich has sent us a series of additional pictures, you will find a selection (22 photos) in the following Gallery.

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