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August 2021

The date of Rubinstein’s death

We received an interesting question concerning the date of the death of Akiba Rubinstein from Mr. Philip Jurgens (Ottawa, Canada):

“[…] I noticed on your following web page: Rubinstein, Akiba K., that you give 15 March 1961 as the date of Rubinstein's death. However, below this information you present photographs of Rubinstein's grave which clearly show 14 March as his date of death. Is there an explanation for the discrepancy?”.

As our member John Donaldson, co-author of the two-volume monography on Rubinstein (The life & games of Akiva Rubinstein, 2nd ed. 2006), is an authoritative expert with regard to the great Polish chess master, I forwarded this question to him:

“[…] As far I can see, remarks of Philip Jurgens are correct. Everybody can see that discrepancy and I wonder why he seems to be the first one who draws attention to this question. Anyhow I couldn’t find an earlier discussion on Rubinstein’s day of death. Wikipedia mentions March 14th, Gaige March 15th. In the 2nd edition of your book on Rubinstein’s ‘chess life’ it seems that you didn’t pay any special attention to the day of his passing away. The picture on p. 424 shows his grave with the illegible date of 14 [-03-1961]. Do you have an explanation for these different dates?”.

Prompty I got his reply from John:

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New Member: Jon Jacobs

Our new member, FM Jon Jacobs from New York (US), introduces himself in the members area (You must be logged in to read).

New Member: Jon Jacobs

Indian chess historian Vijay Pandit died

Vijay Pandit
Vijay Pandit

Already in April, the Indian chess historian Vijay Pandit died on the consequences of Covid-19. Vijay Pandit was (co-)author of Indian chess history and other publications on Indian chess history. On the page Chess News and Views two obituaries (Remeberin Vijay Pandit, Vijay Pandit –An Eulogy) appeared about him, whereby our honorary member Michael Negele is mentioned, who has already visited several times India.

Special exhibition of ThULB Jena: Chess. Game - Sport - Science - Art ("Schach. Spiel - Sport - Wissenschaft - Kunst")

Our member Siegfried Schönle would like to draw our attention to an interesting special exhibition of the ThULB (Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Jena):

Sonderausstellung der ThULB Jena zum Thema: Schach. Spiel - Sport - Wissenschaft - Kunst (in German)