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June 2007

Egbert Meissenburg 70 years!

Egbert Meissenburg (Posen, 2002)
Egbert Meissenburg (Posen, 2002)

Egbert Meissenburg from Seevetal, renowned chess historian and bibliographer as well as one of the most eminent German chess collectors, is well-known far beyond the borders of our country, so there's nearly no need for an introduction. Owing to his chess historical knowledge which he has acquired by self-education he considers himself (with a slight understatement) as a "Leisure Time Historian". Our member Siegfried Schönle has written a more detailed appreciation, here once more the link to his article (in German only) Egbert Meissenburg zu Ehren.
On this special day Egbert Meissenburg can look back on seven decades, we wish him all the best and hope that many further years of successful chess research are still to come.
Ad multos annos!

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