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August 2004

Juan Morgado's black Friday

Dear chess friends:

Juan Morgado has recently informed us about the worst black day in the history of his chess shop: it was Friday, August 13th when a serious fire developed in the 7th/6th floor above his shop. Juan himself was absent and it took the fire-brigade some hours to control the fire. Not until in the evening Juan could go into his shop (in the 4th floor) and he was shocked to see that there was an immense damage to his chess books, materials etc. by the water raining down from the floors above.

At the moment Juan is still busy with the evaluation of the damages. He thanks all those very much who have already expressed their sympathy.
I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing Juan all the best, and we hope he will soon overcome this cruel stroke of fate and reopen his shop.

(R.B. / August 29th, 2004)