The Mitteilungen of the German ex-libris Society (Deutsche Exlibris-Gesellschaft = DEG), issue 2013 - 1 is meanwhile available.

This tasteful DEG periodical is a magazine of fine quality (colour printing on glossy paper, A4 format; published two to three times per year), and to me it seems exemplarily designed for a club magazine of a culturally oriented society. The lavishly illustrated current issue of 28 pp. contains inter alia a contribution by Eva Masthoff on the Haltern Chess Exhibition mentioning also the KWA and a few of their members (p.17f.).
You will get an impression from the free online version (PDF file), but naturally the printed edition is recommendable for collectors. The price is 6 € per copy incl. postage (certainly in Germany only), please see the imprint for contacts.

By the way, I just learned that the a.m. exhibition has been extended until end of April 2013, so there is still a chance to pay a visit to Haltern’s public library (see

  • PublisherDeutsche Exlibris-Gesellschaft
  • Languagesgerman
  • Formatsstaple