Ken MacDonald

Leonard Zehr, J. Ken MacDonald

The History of Correspondence Chess in Canada

Our Canadian member Ken MacDonald is a marked specialist in the literature and the history of correspondence chess – and he’s in very good company as Eric Ruch and Tim Harding are experts in this field too. Ken published some surveys on North American CC tournaments and – in a small number of copies – a booklet on the Canadian GM Daniel Abraham Yanovsky (10 copies only!).

In 2006 he presented together with Leonard Zehr his most extensive work, a history of Canadian correspondence chess, the trail of which he had picked up 30 years before in Cleveland.


See also Tim Harding's book review at

  • PublisherThinkers Press, 2006
  • ISBN1-888710-31-4
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages253
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