Bernd Gräfrath

Lichtbilder und Schachkompositionen

Bernd Gräfrath, author of numerous articles and contributions in the field of (problem) chess, presents his latest work Lichtbilder und Schachkompositionen [Photographs and Chess Compositions], a delightful book published in a very small edition only.

A first edition of 10 copies was followed by a second slightly revised edition of again 10 copies. Not to purchase, as all copies will be (partly already have been) given to selected problem friends or problemists.

The very attractive book contains a selection of 31 own compositions, all given with a diagram and detailed solutions/comments: some fairies but predominantly retro problems, i.e. proof games without or (mainly) with additional fairy conditions such as Losing Chess, the author’s favourite subject.

Each page with text is faced by a colourful photo (obviously from private tours) on the following page; as I learned from Bernd Gräfrath, the nice idea (to combine problems with photos in this way) traces back to Leif Schmidt and his booklet Natur & Skakproblem-Perler.

The photos are not made by simple digital printing but exposed and prepared on real photographic paper – together with the overall solid get-up of the book not a low-cost production.

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  • PublisherSelf-published, 2013
  • Languagesgerman
  • Pages42
  • Formatshardback
  • Miscellaneous2nd revised edition; large format (21.5 x 27.5 cm); colour printing with 20 full-page photographs
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