KWA Yuletide series

Yuletide No. 0

The idea of a "Christmas Series", which as is well known goes back to Alain C. White (with 44 volumes from 1905 to 1936) was later on taken up on a smaller scale by Ken Whyld (see our Ken Whyld Booklist). Jurgen Stigter has decided to continue this nice tradition within the KWA, the first issue of the KWA Yuletide series (no. 0) was distributed to our members at the end of 2003 - beginning of 2004 (together with the supplement issue of the Chess Reader, see Publications p 2). The booklet of 15 pages is a photocopy of the original dated 1859, containing a letter (in French) by G.E. Doazan to George Allen with the title Labourdonnais - Morphy.
An English translation of this text has been worked out by our French country's representative Alain Biénabe (Bordeaux) in February, 2004. You will find the bilingual version (French/English) in the following pdf-file:
Yuletide no. 0
Many thanks to Alain for this commendable work.

Yuletide No. 1

As Yuletide No. 1 a small tournament book was reproduced which is extremely rare in the original: Schaakpartijen, gespeeld in 1851, gedurende den wedstrijd van het genootschap Philidor in Amsterdam. (Chess games, played in 1851 during the tourney of the Philidor Club in Amsterdam.) Published by W.F. Stramrood, Wijk bij Duurstede, 1852, 52 + VI pages, in Dutch language. Jurgen Stigter has completed the booklet with a four-page appendix where he places the introduction in Dutch and in English translation side by side.

Yuletide No. 2

The Yuletide greetings 2005 (Dubuque) Chess Journal Vol. V. April, 1873. NO. 38. A. VAN DER LINDE came out recently, it's the first publication of the series which was produced in bernd ellinghoven's "workshop". Furthermore an original article by Peter de Jong was added, so to speak in anticipation of his "Dutch Chess History before 1900".
Our thanks go to all concerned including Tony Gillam, our well-established proof-reader, but in particular to Jurgen Stigter who again has financed this "present" for all of us.

Yuletide No. 3

Today the Yuletide greetings 2006 arrived - just on time for Christmas: The King the Avowed Enemy of the Queen. A New Royal Game of Chess, played for half-crown stakes. Invented by Philoi-d'Or, executed by Robert Cruikshank. (First edition: London, 1820) The booklet of altogether 40 pages includes an introduction by Jane Robins, two articles by Gareth Williams taken from the Collector's Corner in the magazine Chess: A Royal Scandal (May 1993) and George Cruikshank, Charles Dickens and Chess (April 2004), as well as an excerpt from The world turned upside down; or, No News and Strange News. The quality of "Yuletide" has steadily been improved, that's now the first one with (partly) colour illustrations!
Many thanks go once again to Jurgen Stigter who has financed this issue, and to all helpers who contributed to its success.