Jeremy Gaige

(* 09/10/1927 New York  † 19/02/2011 Philadelphia)

Jeremy Gaige, the great American chess historian and archivist, passed away this year's February at the age of 83. As an article on Jeremy Gaige (by Andy Ansel) is planned for our next CSQ issue, only a short note of remembrance will be presented here.

Jeremy Gaige was a pioneer in the field of collecting chess data, and his outstanding magnum opus Chess Personalia - A Biobibliography belongs even nowadays – in the era of electronic databases – to the standard reference works for all those who intend a research on a more or less known chess figure. In the whole chess world Gaige was famous for his painstaking work and the reliability of the data published by him, also appreciated in detail by Edward Winter in a separate Feature Article.

You will find a list of Jeremy Gaige's works at Wikipedia, a short biographic information in the obituary by Sally A. Downey at But as to his vita we will above all refer to his "self-obituary", posthumously published in Edward Winter's Chess Explorations (60).

Additionally, an obituary from CHESS (April 2011) is reproduced below as well as a contribution by Johannes Fischer on Jeremy Gaige taken from KARL magazine (issue 1/2004; in German only):