Margus Sööt

Hillar Kärner

Kuus aastakümmet Caissa lummuse

[Hillar Kärner – Six Decades Under the Spell of Caissa]

Hillar Kärner, born 27 July 1935 in Tallinn, International Master 1980; for decades he belonged together with IM Iivo Nei to the best Estonian chess masters behind the legendary Paul Keres. Hillar Kärner has played many unforgettable and spectacular games, the book contains a selection of 200. He could win single games against world champions Mikhail Tal and Anatoli Karpov, and also a win against Paul Keres is included in the book. Moreover you will find important results and tables, a short biography (interview), memories of comrades, etc.

  • PublisherArgo, 2012
  • ISBN978-9949-466-58-0
  • Pages240
  • Miscellaneous21 cm
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The author has also sent us a picture of himself, standing in front of the ancient rock-carved City of Petra (South Jordan). Margus was on business in Jordan in March-April, 2012.

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More about Petra at Wikipedia – in English and in German.