Harrie H. Grondijs

Harrie H. Grondijs

No Rook Unturned

A tour around the Saavedra study

The Dutch study expert Harrie Grondijs has caught much attention in his field with numerous profound publications (both books and articles). One of his recent works is No Rook Unturned. A Tour Around The Saavedra Study which was published in a very small edition of only 30 copies. It is already indicated by the subtitle that this book completely deals with the famous Saavedra study – Günter Büsing supplied a detailed review and appreciation of this fascinating work in Die Schwalbe (no. 207, June 2004, p. 469-470). Remarkably, this book initiated further research on the early history of the helpmate, shortly afterward the reviewer and the author presented the result in a joint article (Günter Büsing, Harrie Grondijs: Die dritte Erfindung des Hilfsmatts [The third discovery of the helpmate]; Die Schwalbe 209, Oct. 2004, p. 537-542).


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Rijswijk: Author’s edition, 2004. 361 p., hardcover