Rudolf Glenk (†)

Rudolf Glenk

Turmtore oder der "Bone-Vorwurf" * Kachelofenprobleme

Time and again it is surprising what excellent chess publications are created by pure amateurs – such a work presents our chess friend Rudolf Glenk with his "Turmtore und Kachelofen-Probleme" [Tower (Rook) gates and tiled stove problems]. If additionally, like to me, the opportunity is granted to admire the "magnificent piece" in Glenk’s front room in Forchheim will understand how it warms the problem friend’s heart.


Rudolf Glenk

Hans Michael Erdenbrecher

ein nicht vergessener Problemkomponist aus Mittelfranken

Rudolf Glenk

Herberts Lieblinge

32 ausgewählte Schachprobleme von Herbert Engel

Rudolf Glenk


vom 05. bis 07. Oktober in Forchheim

Rudolf Glenk

Hinterm Schachofen

Eine Schachbibliothek zum Schmökern

Udo Güldner, Rudolf Glenk

Interview mit Rudolf Glenk

Former member Udo Güldner and member Rudolf Glenk have recently published the interview of Rudolf Glenk on the occasion of the latter's 75th birthday in book form (the formerly published online version is linked on Interview with Rudolf Glenk).

This is a very attractive small book, with a nice get-up and a bibliophilic layout (color print on slightly colored paper). The well-known bookplate of R. Glenk (Kachelofen / tile stove) was reproduced as frontispiece and an additional photo of R. Glenk on the title page. There is a further bookplate reproduced on the last page inside [22] as well as a smaller one stuck on the front inside cover. The 10 existent copies have been distributed to chess friends of Rudolf Glenk.

  • PublisherSelf-published, 2014
  • Languagesgerman
  • Pages20
  • Formatshardback
  • Miscellaneousca. 14 x 20 cm; mini edition of 10 numbered copies only
  • See alsoInterview mit Rudolf Glenk

Rudolf Glenk

Marcus Hieronymus Vida: Scacchia Ludus

Das Schachspiel. Die deutschsprachigen Ausgaben

Marcus Hieronymus Vida

Des Markus Hieronymus Vida ausführliche Beschreibung des Schachspiels in Versen

aus dem Lateinischen übersetzt von N. A. Hiesebock

Rudolf Glenk


Our German member from Forchheim, Rudolf Glenk has again released a small book in a beautiful bibliophilic get-up: Kachelofenprobleme [Tiled Stove Problems] - 2nd revised and corrected edition.

  • PublisherPrivate publication, 2016
  • Languagesgerman
  • Pages32
  • Formatshardback
  • MiscellaneousAttractively illustrated with photos and diagrams. color print; the 1st edition (a paperback booklet / offprint comprising Turmtore ... and Kachelofenprobleme) dates from 2002.
  • See alsoKachelofenprobleme

Further Publications:

  • Die Vereinsbibliothek Schachclub Forchheim e.V. (Forchheim, 2004)
  • (Editor:) with Udo Güldner: XII. Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaft 2005 im Lösen von Schachproblemen, zugleich 29. Deutsche Meisterschaft, vom 15. bis 17. April 2005 in Forchheim. Programmheft mit Preisausschreiben (Forchheim, 2005)
  • dito, Programmheft, Turnierbericht, Bericht und Lösungen zum Preisausschreiben (Forchheim, 2005)

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