Vlastimil Fiala

Vlastimil Fiala, Stanislaw Sierpowski

Proceedings of International Conference of Chess Historians

Vlastimil Fiala is a professor of political science – and an absolute phenomenon regarding his diligence in publishing. In the meantime reprints from Olomouc are probably standing on the shelves of all our members. By his compilation "Cologne 1898", the 11th German Chess Congress he has filled a painful gap in the congress books of the "DSB" (German Chess Federation). The publication of "Proceedings of International Conference of Chess Historians" is a further achievement of Vlastik (together with Stanisław Sierpowski), among others are included articles by our members Harald E. Balló, Isaak M. Linder, Tomasz Lissowski, Jean Mennerat, Alessandro Sanvito, Ulrich Schädler and (naturally) Kenneth Whyld – The White-Lasa Papers.


  • PublisherCaissa 90-Olomouc, 2003
  • ISBN8385213384
  • Languagesenglish
  • Pages286
  • Formatshardback