José A. Garzón

El Ajedrez del Virrey

Virrey Chess

Rafael Solaz and Vicente A. Aliaga, the turner who made the first prototype of the set
Our Spanish member José A. Garzón has published a new book, stating that it is his most personal work.

His book El Ajedrez del Virrey - Virrey Chess was published in a bilingual edition (Spanish and English) by Alenar Editors. It deals with a reform of the game on the basis of minimal changes of the rules, to be more specific on changing the rules of pawn promotion. You may read more about that in his introduction, as well as find additional information on this webpage and in this pdf file (in Spanish). Moreover Marcos Gonzalo (Alenar Editors) has provided a flyer on the book.

We give also an image of the dust jacket.

For KWF&A members, the book is offered for a reduced price (discount of 10%). The shop price is 20 €. To order the book, please contact the editor Marcos Zacarés () and mention your KWA membership!